Games & Contests

Want to participate? Check out the details below.

Dachshund Dash

Presented by Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter and Buffalo Rock, Pepsi

Free for pups to participate, these races truly take the Tuscaloosa Oktoberfest up another notch!  These dogs will zig, zag, jump, run, walk, and certainly not go the direction they’re supposed to but that’s what makes it fun.  The pups will run approximately 100 feet from one end of the Dash to the other.

Managed by our friends at the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, they will oversee the Dash and will offer heats of 5 – 8 pups.  Dogs in each heat will begin from a starting box that the dog will run out of. Owners will stand at the end of the course to encourage their dog to run toward them.

The Dachshund Dash is free to enter, but pre-registration will be required.  There will be a small prize for each heat winner.  Winners from each heat will then race for the official crown of the Dachshund Dash!

Want to pre-register your pup?

When registration opens, you’ll be able to select the “Register My Pup” button below! If you decide to register the day off, you MUST check in by Noon at the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter / Dachshund Dash tent.

Stein Hoisting Contest presented by UA Online

This is a 21 and up contest. Are you Bavarian Strong?  Do you have what it takes to hoist one of our 34-ounce Oktoberfest steins for a prize?  This is a competition rooted in strength that pits contestants against beer steins and asks the question, “how long can you hold the beer?”.

Check the schedule for start time and the event will feature a men’s wave as well as a women’s wave.  All participants must be over the age of 21 and the event will take place under the large tent situated near the main stage.

Details for participating will be announced soon. There is limited capacity for this contest.

Costume Contest

It’s time to wear your best Lederhosen, Dirndl, Braids, Alpine Hats, and any other German-themed attire in order to win the costume contest! When it comes to winning, you’ve got to dress to impress because the crowd will carry most of the weight for the vote.

The Tuscaloosa Oktoberfest Costume Contest will recognize both an adult and kid (12 & under) as their 2024 winners. Time of Costume Contest will be announced soon.  A prize package will be awarded for each winner!

Types of Dogs Allowed:

While we admire and love all pups, we want to try to keep this an even playing field.  Only genuine, low-to-the-ground Dachshunds or Mixed Breed Doxies will be allowed to race.  And we reserve the right to determine which dogs are wieners, and which dogs are not.  There is a gray area – other small breeds can race; however, they must follow the same rules and not race with the dachshunds.  They will compete separately in the, “Honorary Wanna Be a Doxie,” category. 

Other Important Information:

You must be the registered owner of your dog to race, and you must be 18 or over to participate, or have a legal guardian present.  You may be asked to show veterinary shot records for participating dogs at the registration table, but you do not have to bring copies for us – we just need to see them.  Owners must clean up after their dogs and they must be always on a leash except during the race.