Tuscaloosa Oktoberfest


Main Performers:

Oompah-Calypse & Rolling in the Hay

We are beyond excited to have Oompah-Calypse and Rolling in the Hay as our main performers!

Oompah-Calypse joins us out of Huntsville, Alabama and is an Oktoberfest band that performs a wide variety of polkas, waltzes, and other surprises (like the Chicken Dance!).  Want to check them out?  Visit their Facebook page today!

Rollin’ in the Hay is a high-octane groove grass / Americana group that loves to sing funny songs about life in general with killer pickin’ and grinnin’.  This Bluegrass band comes to Tuscaloosa from Birmingham, Alabama.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more today!

A special thank you to our friends at EatMyBeats for helping to make our entertainment possible.